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16th – 18th October 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany
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The focus at SMART CITY SOLUTIONS is on encouraging dialogue between solution providers, cities and politicians with the aim of developing cities that are a great place to live.


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Implementation, Citizen participation, Public safety, Data security



Alternative mobility and Transport systems, Connected traffic infrastructure, Autonomous driving



Citizen tools and Gadgets



Economy, Technology, Communication systems, Data collection and Data analysis



Sustainable and connected layout of public space



Alternative energy strategy, Sustainability, Urban planning, Infrastructure



  • Serving as the basis for smart cities, geodata is some of the most important data worldwide and constitutes the core DNA of the digital revolution. Take advantage of SCSEXPO as an integral part of INTERGEO, the world’s leading trade fair.
  • Showcase your products and services in a supportive expert environment and network with partners from the field of applied research.
  • Shape the up-and-coming SCS community right from the beginning and make an impact on urban transformation by presenting your specialisms and ideas.
  • Leave abstract visions behind and meet face to face with the people in politics and in cities who turn theory into practice.
  • Find reliable partners and make your projects a reality!


  • Public authorities
    • Urban development
    • Business development
    • Tourism
    • Public energy producers
  • Urban planners
  • Traffic planners
  • Energy producers
  • Urban development
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Research institutions

Partners of the SCSEXPO 2018

Strategic partners


Cooperation partners and Media partners







Dr. Rüdiger-Walter Henn

Robert Bosch GmbH

“The MEC-View project aims to develop automated driving in complex urban areas by means of a novel roadside sensor system and mobile edge computing (MEC) server. For this, a local environment model is generated based on a high-precision digital map and is transmitted to the automated vehicles via a prototype 5G mobile network. The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) funds MEC-View.

M. Sc. Alanus von Radecki

Fraunhofer IAO

“Automated driving in complex urban environments is limited due to occlusions of relevant road users or obstacles – in these situations the performance of vehicle bound surround sensor systems is limited as a matter of principle, which either cannot be compensated by car-2-car connectivity in scenarios of incomplete sensing capability and/or connectivity of the overall vehicle fleet.

Andreas Eicher


Andreas Eicher, journalist and author, is dealing with the digital world in a critical way for years. He writes for various publications (amongst others gis.Business) and puts his expertise at the disposal of an open-minded, modern and transparent reporting. He supports SCSEXPO conceptual and anchors the second event day “Smart Mobility“.


Starter1.400 €
  • Stand space on joint booth, incl. 1 counter-desk (lockable) and 2 stools
  • Communication package inclusive
1.400 €
Basic4.350 €
  • Exhibition space 9m2, Stand construction inclusive
  • Communication package inclusive
  • 20 min. Presentation speech in forum

4.350 €
Business6.350 €
  • Exhibition space 12m2, Stand construction inclusive
  • Communication package inclusive
  • 20 min. Presentation speech in forum
  • Speaker interview
  • Internet access (6 Mbit/s)
  • Your logo on the hall plan (website, app, INTERGEO report and visitor guide)

6.350 €
  • Row stand (Stand area min. 12m2200 €/m2
  • Corner stand (Stand area min. 12m2) 227 €/m2
  • End stand (Stand area min. 12m2) 235 €/m2
  • Island stand (Stand area min. 12m2)  239 €/m2
plus AUMA fee 0,60 €/m2
plus exhibitor's public liability insurance 65,00 €
plus waste-disposal fee 3,90 €

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More than 40 presentations in the SCSFORUM on smart technology, smart mobility and smart environment train the spotlight on solutions and concepts for urban planners, architects, public administration, traffic planners and various other professions.

Speaking slot | 20 min | 600 Euro (already included in exhibition package Basic and Business)

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