Smart cities need smart companies.



Mobility and Transport

Intelligent traffic management, autonomous driving, e-mobility, mobility as a service, fine dust driving bans - traffic in cities is changing.
At SMART CITY SOLUTIONS, providers of mobility solutions on the ground and in the air will be presenting themselves.
In the immediate vicinity of INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS, drones for use in smart cities will be presented.

Energy and Environment

Generate, distribute and use energy cleverly, collect and process environmental data in real time. Future-oriented and sustainable concepts for energy and the environment in the city - to be experienced at SMART CITY SOLUTIONS.

Security and Resilience

Cities are exposed to dangers: Drought, floods or cold waves, cyber attacks, technical or human failure. The protection of critical infrastructures is a major challenge for Smart City. Cities must become resilient: They have to calculate dangers, ward them off, recover from them and learn for the future. The SMART CITY SOLUTIONS as a platform for sustainable cities.

Urban and Spatial Planning

Urban design - ecologically sustainable and architecturally appealing. Green, safe and modern. Simply worth living. This is exactly what SMART CITY SOLUTIONS deals with. In the immediate vicinity of INTERGEO, which offers solutions for the collection and processing of precise geodata for urban planning.

Open Data and Data Management

No Smart City without data. The sources are diverse. The challenges are great: To store, standardize and process data securely, to make it available as Open Data. SMART CITY SOLUTIONS benefits from the connection to INTERGEO, where geodata managers have their traditional place.