Ulrich Ahle: Why the SMART CITY SOLUTIONS DIALOG FORUM is worth a visit!

Data silos, geodata, platforms – these and many other topics were presented at INTERGEO in the SMART CITY SOLUTIONS DIALOGUE FORUM. Ulrich Ahle from FIWARE Foundation e.V. explains why INTERGEO is a must for participants interested in Smart City!

The SMART CITY SOLUTIONS DIALOGUE FORUM at INTERGEO showed how important access to data is. Access to open data to build Smart City platforms to implement Smart City solutions that on the one hand help to reduce the costs of running a city and on the other hand increase the quality of life of citizens in the city.

It is important to agree on uniform standards. It is important to break open data silos and then make this data available together on platforms.

Especially the relation to the geodata, which this event presents excellently, is important to get the application relation of such Smart City solutions.

I am here for the first time at this event and find that the topic of Smart City is very well dealt within the framework of INTERGEO. That’s why I’ll be in Berlin again next year.


There is a lack of concepts and strategies for most German cities to become a Smart City.
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"Data is the gold on the Internet of Things," says Dr. Thomas Usländer.
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